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Question and answers

  • How much would cost an LPG conversion?

Depends from car to car and from the system you want to have installed; i.e. for a 4 cylinders car, 2lt, with metal engine manifold, a single point injection system (Traditional Ventury) would cost approx. 900.00 all inclusive.

  A similar car but having a plastic manifold it would have to have the multi-point injection system (Romano SVI N) which costs approx. 1,350.00 all inclusive.

(prices are subject to vehicle inspection)

Using the single point injection system you would lose about 20% of the original vehicle HP; if you have installed a multi point sequential injection system ( Romano SVI N), the power lost would be less then 5%, not appreciable in most of the cases.

  • How much will I save?

How much will you save?

Annual Mileage:  
Average MPG:  
Cost of Petrol per litre:  
Cost of LPG per litre:  

Annual cost of petrol:

Annual cost of LPG:  
Approx. Annual Saving:     

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